Wednesday, December 12, 2012


You may have noticed that I changed the look of my website. I am assuming, of course, that you have looked. If you have, you will notice that it is more in keeping the rather folksy look of this blog.

The old one was nice- shiny and clever and very professional-looking. But it was very difficult to update. I had to call the web designer and ask him to make changes. This way I can do it myself. You have been warned.

Speaking of new formats, my new year’s resolution for 2013 (in addition to losing 25 lbs, drinking less wine and not fretting so much) is to push my business as hard and far as I can. There are opportunities out there in film, music production and multi-media.

Given that I do audio for all of that- particularly the multimedia aspect- I am sure I will be successful at it. Besides, as my wife and I agreed last night, I am way too talented to not succeed. Just ask me.

So onward and upward. There is lots of music to record, lots of projects to record and produce and film.

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